The people whom I've helped tell the story of the value I provide.  The following excerpts, available in full on my LinkedIn profile, are from letters and online references of those I've helped, speaking directly to my value as a sales and communications expert:

". . . he has shared various marketing related ideas with our office as a means to reach more students. . . . I have implemented many of his ideas over the past six years with great success."

"His ability to talk with people becomes evident when you watch how he adapts to who he is working with and at what level he can meet them at for effective communication to take place."

"Jared has a unique ability to see problems beyond the surface and distill the solutions down to clear resolutions."

"He has helped me numerous times with resumes and cover letters, and has frequently helped me gain employment. He is my ultimate "go to" resource for business writing."

"Jared Chambers is an excellent resources in coaching, editing, and writing. . . . instrumental in coaching me for job interviews, speaking, and improving my management skills."

"I would recommend his knowledge and experience to anyone seeking a professional in the area of coaching, editing and writing."

"I am pleased to be able to recommend Jared Chambers as a writer. Jared is an excellent writer and a joy to work with."

"Jared has a knack for bridging the gap often found between business growth and marketing. His experience in both arenas allows him to look ahead. . ."

"Jared was instrumental. . . . He is a joy to work with, and he truly understands the sales cycle and business development!"

". . . the business development reps he mentored exceeded their performance targets in their first year, and have continued to do so."

"Jared is a seasoned professional with tremendous writing skills, management of projects and executive leadership. He is creative and innovative with ideas to generate new business."

"Jared always brought his keen analytical skills to the table and was an excellent leader and ‘doer’ in any team environment."

"His many years as a business development and marketing professional were evident in the way he approached tasks and achieved his outcomes."

"Jared's attention to detail, quick grasp of our business solution value, and ability to generate new leads through creative marketing efforts were invaluable to our team's success."

"Jared worked to bring a consistency in approach and value-added focus to these business growth projects."

"Jared led our team and was excellent at organizing and bringing people together. . . . would recommend him to anyone looking for a strong project leader. "

"He has a solid sales and technical background. With his help, the company I represented was able to generate activity/interest."

"I consulted with Jared on many occasions regarding corporate projects, vendor relationships and vertical market solutions, and he was insightful, measured and tactical in his approach."

"Jared has excellent organizational skills, is able to think independently, and also work well as part of a team."

". . . the ability to efficiently and effectively market to a well defined target audience is a gift. Jared possesses this gift and derives genuine pleasure out of utilizing those capabilities."

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