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By applying almost 20 years of sales and marketing experience with my expertise in communication, I can help you sell, influence, and advocate. To do so, I can work as a consultant, coach, and/or content creator, regardless of your industry or career specialty.

Gain a professional edge that improves how you are perceived.

That's Professional Perception!


Expert advice for individuals and businesses who are looking for direct input on messaging strategy, negotiation, and communicating through writing and speaking towards specific objectives.

Fee:  $87.50/hr (Individual/Business by phone)

         $175/hr (Business, on site. Metro Atlanta, 1 hr. minimum, no travel fees)

         $175/hr (Business, on site. Outside Metro Atlanta, minimum & expenses TBD)


Moduluar Onsite Program - Sales for Non-sales Professionals

You can't afford to have people tied up for days, or forget material before it can be practically implemented. You also can't continue to ignore the fact that your customer facing professionals lack basic communication, negotiation, and selling skills. This modular program is the answer, letting you do units of the right training in the right time to fit what you need. Includes a copy of my book, Professional Perception: A Business Approach to Personal Power for each participant. Outside Metro Atlanta, expenses TBD.

Prospect & Investigate Module covers:

  • Multi-channel touchpoint strategies to nurture leads & manage relationships.
  • Business and prospecting letters that people answer.
  • Discovery questions that move the process.
  • Recognizing & dumping bad-fit prospects in a win-win way.

Fee: $875/3-4hrs, up to 14 people. $50 each additional person, limited to 24 total.

Propose, Present & Negotiate Module covers:

  • Defining value.
  • Proposals that convert.
  • Presentations that compel.
  • Negotiating a win for both sides.

Fee: $875/3-4hrs, up to 14 people. $50 each additional person, limited to 24 total.

Sales kick-offs:

About 45 min speaking with 45 min Q&A on requested sales, influence, and advocacy topics, including any specific topic covered in Modular program or my Professional Perception book.

Fee: $375, plus $5 for each attendee to receive a copy of my book. No limit on audience size.


This isn't "content marketing" or "copywriting." My specialty is actionable sales content as a professional sales leader and trained communications specialist, with years of experience providing tailored, industry-leading:

  • Executive bios, CVs, and résumés.
  • Business letters.
  • Proposals.
  • Presentations.
  • Thought leadership ghost-writing for periodicals, blogs, or social media.
  • Internal sales guides, scripts, and training materials.
  • Launch materials including sales slicks and press releases.

Content provided as DOC, RTF, PPT, or PDF files. I can provide formatting & templating support for MS Office files, or work virtually with your internal art and production teams to manage creation of finshed print- or web-ready materials.

Fee: Project-based


Business transactions with Professional Perception are easy and safe.  You'll receive an estimate or project quote in advance with applicable terms.  For your convenience, I exclusively accept:

  • Business checks or money orders payable to the order of Chambers Creative Communication
  • Card payment (Invoiced through Square or PayPal)

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