Is THIS your idea of sales? Then HOW can you sell?

"Oh, I'm not a salesperson. I wouldn't want to be a salesperson. I couldn't be a salesperson."

Forget the labels! You need to know how to sell—yourself, your company, or even just an idea!

Selling isn't slick tricks and a pushy personality. Professional Perception provides sales enablement resources—consulting, content, and coaching—that grow your influence.

Ideal for:

  • Sales/client-facing staff who want to be more client-centered
  • Professional experts who want a winning edge
  • Advocates who want to be better persuaders


I can help you, just as I did for the companies I worked for across two decades. I grew into sales management and sales enablement because I understood that even highly technical selling is still mostly about people and communication. My specialized education in communication complements my sales experience and it is my most powerful asset in my own life, career, and interests.

My Professional Perception practice uses this power to give you a professional edge, improved perception, and increased influence.



Get expert, first-principles input to communicate for action.


Learn from a process-based, integrated approach.



Let me do the work of creating actionable writing that convinces.


What I love doing is what I also help others to do: communicate in a way that motivates tangible action.

In 2002, I started Chambers Creative Communication Concepts (C4) as a brand for side projects that joined what I knew best professionally—Sales and Marketing—with my academic background in Communication.  I always understood the connection of these fields.  I used these side ventures to test ideas and try new concepts, the best of which I've organized as Professional Perception for others seeking to fast-track growth.

C4 continues as a business entity to structure my direct services through Professional Perception, content and media production, as well as developing new ideas and concepts.

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